Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us (2007) BDRip 1080p


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Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us (2007) BDRip 1080p

Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us (2007) BDRip 1080p

Год выпуска: 2007
Жанр: Pop/Rock
Продолжительность: 01:55:32

Режиссер: Марк Хайфели /Mark Haefeli

В ролях: Пол Маккартни /Paul McCartney

Описание: The eternal fascination with all things Beatle pretty much guarantees an audience for any offering from the group and its respective members, and that will likely be the case with Paul McCartney: The Space Within US, a documentary recorded during his 2005 world tour (and broadcast in truncated form by A&E). Not that it's by any means bad. McCartney and his crack four-piece band are seen performing a variety of Fabs faves, from the delightful trifle that is "I'll Follow the Sun" to the genuine masterpiece that is "For No One" (the latter is a solo job, as are "I Will," "Yesterday," and others); as Apple computer poo-bah Steve Jobs, one of the many talking heads on hand to sing Macca's praises, points out, just hearing these classics played and sung by the guy who wrote (or co-wrote) 'em is a treat, and the great sound and high-definition video certainly don't hurt. On the minus side, the camera spends a lot of time in the audience, capturing their rapturous and often quite touching responses to the music. There are also bits focusing on a Beatles-obsessed family from Columbus, Ohio, all three generations of which are excited, to put it mildly, when Sir Paul pays them a brief visit before going onstage, and on two astronauts on board the International Space Station, for whom McCartney plays "English Tea" (from his 2005 CD Chaos and Creation in the Backyard) through a live feed from his Anaheim, California gig. These tangents may be distracting to fans who just want to watch McCartney and company at work, but considering that this was dubbed "the Us Tour," they should hardly come as a surprise. Same goes for the disparate line-up of celebs and others, ranging from Bill Clinton and various academic types to Tony Bennett and Eddie Vedder, whose comments punctuate (and occasionally interrupt) the music. Bottom line: there are better McCartney concert videos (like Live in Red Square), but this is a Beatle we're talking about here. For many, that will be more than enough.
"The Space Within Us" основан на видеозаписях, сделанных во время американского тура Пола Маккартни осенью 2005 года. Фильм выпущен совместно с A&E Home Video, которые участвовали в работе над "Paul McCartney In Red Square" (завоевавшим премию Emmy-2005) и "Paul McCartney in St. Petersburg". Во время съёмок фильма было задействовано 25 видеокамер, а звук имеет качество 5.1 digital surround.

01. Intro
02. Magical Mystery Tour
03. Flaming Pie
04. Let Me Roll It
05. Drive My Car
06. Till There Was You
07. I'll Get You
08. Eleanor Rigby
09. Maybe I'm Amazed
10. Got to Get You into My Life
11. Fine Line
12. I Will
13. I'll Follow the Sun
14. Good Day Sunshine
15. For No One
16. Hey Jude
17. Fixing a Hole
18. Penny Lane
19. Too Many People / She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
20. Let It Be
21. English Tea
22. I've Got a Feeling
23. Follow Me
24. Jenny Wren
25. Helter Skelter
26. Yesterday
27. Get Back
28. Please Please Me
29. Credits

Качество: BDRip
Формат: MKV
Видео кодек: H.264
Аудио кодек: FLAC
Видео: 1920x1080p, 23.976fps, Lev. 4.1, ReFr. 4, 7850kbps
Аудио: FLAC var., 6 channels, 48.0kHz, 16bits, 1952kbps

Размер: 7.93 Gb

Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us (2007) BDRip 1080p Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us (2007) BDRip 1080p Paul McCartney - The Space Within Us (2007) BDRip 1080p

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