Morgan Lee - Tiny Hands Solve Big Problems (2016) HD 720p



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Morgan Lee - Tiny Hands Solve Big Problems (2016) HD 720p

The clumsy Dylan accidentally ped his memory card under the stove. His hands were way too big to grab it out. Luckily, he called his sweet and petite neighbor Morgan over to lend a helping hand. Her incredibly slender arms were able to slide under and reach it no problem, but her skimpy skirt was riding up and exposing her perfectly sized ass. Dylan tried to be slick and take a few pictures for his spank bank, but got caught just the last shutter closed. Morgan thought that was pervy, but continued to help him look. She finally grabs it. Dylan is so thankful, but he wishes he had a tiny cutie her around the house all the time to help with other things. Morgan wonders what they could be, and Dylan immediately places her hand on his cock. Morgan proceeds to suck his massive wang and get fucked all over the kitchen. The best part was when she fit herself on the stool to get mounted and harsh fucked. Watching her guzzle down jizz was quite the treat too!

Official Release Date: Nov 17, 2016
Actors: Morgan Lee
Studio: TeamSkeet | ExxxtraSmall

Morgan Lee - Tiny Hands Solve Big Problems (2016) HD 720p

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